Rob Allen’s 5 Home Workouts To Stay Fit During Lockdown

Many of us will be stuck at home with no gym gear or equipment and itching to do some sort of training, others may be using this time to start a fitness program but might be stuck for ideas when it comes to home workouts with no equipment.

Oxfordshire-based Rob Allen is the current UK 82.5kg #2 and WBC Muaythai World #5, renowned for his intense strength and conditioning and cardio workouts. Here’s 5 of his home workouts he does (and you can too) to stay fit, or get fit, during lockdown.

Shadow Boxing EMOM’s (Every Minute on the Minute)

If you’re new to Muay Thai and/or Boxing, shadow boxing might seem a little bit uncomfortable at first, but practicing at home will give you the perfect opportunity to get into the habit without other people watching.

Try these three variations of 10 minute (Every Minute on the Minute) workouts including shadow boxing;

A) 10-seconds sprint, remaining time shadow boxing – x 10

B) 10 x Tuck jumps, remaining time shadow boxing – x 10

C) 10 x Kettlebell Swings, remaining time shadow boxing – x 10

Plyometric Leg Workout

This leg workout will really test your endurance and give you a time to set and smash.

1 x Jump Squat
2 x Jump Lunges
= 1 Rep

Do this for 150 reps for the quickest time possible.

Upper-Body Push Workout

10 x Wide-Arm Push-ups
10 x Normal (Shoulder-Width) Push-ups
10 x Narrow Push-ups
= 1 Set

Complete 1 set, then do 9 of each, then 8 of each and so on, down to 1 rep of each, for the quickest time possible.

Burpees Challenge

100 x Chest-to-floor Burpees in the quickest time possible.

According to Men’s Health this Burpee Challenge is the ‘Ultimate Fitness Challenge’ and an average time would be around 10-12 mins, with most ‘athletes’ able to complete this in under 7 minutes.

Five-Rounds for Time

10 x Burpees
15 x Sit-ups
20 x Squats
= 1 Set

Another timed trial using three basic movements for a full body workout. Complete 5 sets for the quickest time possible.

Feeling motivated and up for a challenge? Post your workout videos and/or results and tag us (@fight_record) in your Instagram story with the hashtag #FRChallenge

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