Satanfah, Thanunchai main event Muay Hardcore and Super Champ this weekend

Satafah Sitsongpeenong - Muay Hardcore

Two of Thailand’s elite Muay Thai fighters will be in action this weekend at Muay Hardcore and Muay Thai Super Champ.

The weekly Thai Channel 8 shows have been growing in popularity over the past couple of years, and have occasionally featured some of the top ranked Thai athletes against budding foreign fighters.

This weekend is no exception, as WBC Muaythai World champion, Satanfah Sitsongpeenong headlines Muay Hardcore on Saturday, January 22.

He will face tough Iranian fighter, Reza Ahmednezhad, who is coming off a big knockout win over Raseesing AyothayaFightGym at Muay Hardcore in Deember.

On Sunday, the headline bout will see Thanunchai Sitsongpeenong make an appearance at Muay Thai Super Champ.

The former WMC Muaythai World champion has experienced a mixed set of results in the past couple of years, with wins over Sangmanee and Sorgraw Petchyindee, but defeats to Petchmomrakot and Chujaroen on the elite Muay Thai circuit.

He is set to face Maxim Branis, who has been a regular on the weekly Thai Channel 8 events in the past year.

Full fight card for Muay Hardcore (via @muaythairesults);

  • Kompayak Por.Ped 🇹🇭 vs Dean Bensedira 🇫🇷 (69kg)
  • Diesellek MUden 🇹🇭 vs Ferzan Çiçek 🇹🇷 (68kg)
  • (Women’s Fight) Lommanee TheLegendArena 🇹🇭 vs Fani Peloumpi 🇬🇷 (52kg)
  • (Women’s Fight) NongBew Tor.Thepsutin 🇹🇭 vs Imene Cheraa 🇩🇿🇫🇷 (58kg)
  • NumPhangNga EagleMuayThai 🇹🇭 vs AbdelKarim Arellano 🇪🇸 (63kg-64kg)
  • Chaichan Petch-PorTorOr 🇹🇭 vs Ameer Abdulrazzaq 🇮🇶 (63kg-64kg)
  • (Main event) Satanfah Sitsongpeenong 🇹🇭 vs Reza Ahmadnezhad 🇮🇷 (72kg)

Full fight card for Super Champ (via @muaythairesults);

  • Kraisit ThaiCampPhuket 🇹🇭 vs Kerim Morkoç 🇹🇷 (58kg)
  • Banchasuek Sitkaewprapon 🇹🇭 vs Leon Kleiner 🇩🇪 (71kg)
  • (Women’s Fight) Nongplailek PinePacific 🇹🇭 vs Nicole Fernandez 🇺🇸 (58kg)
  • SriTrang Tor.Buamat 🇹🇭 vs Ralfs Spakovskis 🇱🇹 (65kg)
  • Sakchainoi MUden 🇹🇭 vs Juan Gonzalez 🇲🇽🇺🇸 (59kg)
  • Yuttakan Petch-PorTorOr 🇹🇭 vs Enzo Pétricig 🇫🇷 (59kg-60kg)
  • (Main event) Thanunchai Sitsongpeenong 🇹🇭 vs Maxim Branis 🇮🇱 (67kg)
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