Saturday class and sparring at Northern Kings.

This weekend I trained at Northern Kings before heading out to Power of Scotland. It was a two-hour session. The first session was great. We worked on catching the kick and countering. I am enjoying being in training so much these days. It is good to be back moving regularly and gaining knowledge to put into practice.

Warming up, we skipped in the class, followed by rounds of sit-ups and then shadow boxing. I love shadow boxing. When I first started training, I hated it. I felt like a right lemon in the gym, bouncing about like a bit of a loony pretending to hit someone or something but now, I understand how important it is. Shadow boxing is an art form in itself which could actually be a whole series of articles in its own right (maybe one for the future).

After warming up we partnered up and got on with the session. Got some pretty cool videos throughout the training because I got Juan to walk around recording some which you will be able to find on my YouTube channel. I did record the sparring that we got done in class, but it wasn’t great (the recording, not the sparring). I do like catching the right kick, pushing back the same way it came and coming in with the left hook. I have seen Liam Harrison talking about that in his seminars quite a lot recently and it is really effective as a counter.

With the left kick, we worked on catching it on the outside having your left hand hook the heel of the kickers, shift your hips back, lift their foot up, step in and then sweep. The steps sound much more complicated than it is. Up to now, if I have caught the left kick, this has been my go-to counter for it.

After learning the drill, we sparred it (to a degree), switching partners, working whatever felt best with each person. One counter might work well against one person where it might just completely fail with the other. It’s all about feeling out what works and adapting, as with anything in life. Drilling all of the ones you like so it becomes second nature and you don’t have to think about it, it just happens.

After this class finished, it was time for the next class. 11am on Saturday. If you don’t know already, SPARRING. There were some good lads in today to spar with. I donned my gumshield and got ready. It was hot, sweaty and I was ready to get bloody (not really). The first 11 rounds went really well. Felt strong, was active and held my own. Putting into practice what I had learned in the class, trying to catch the kicks where possible and countering.

Later in the rounds, I sustained an injury. I kicked someone’s elbow really bloody hard and couldn’t walk on it. I needed to stop sparring because I didn’t want to do any permanent damage. Also, I was heading to Glasgow later that day to go to Power of Scotland and didn’t want to be limping about so bad (I was definitely limping around for the duration of POS). All in all, a successful Saturday training.

If you are around in the North East and would like to come down on a Saturday morning I would definitely say get down to Northern Kings. Come do a class and an hour sparring. It sets you up for the day and just clears your head. I am going to spend tonight working on getting some videos out. And will link to them when I get them posted from the Fat Lad to Fight category on the Fight Record website.

As always, thanks for the support and please, if you have time, check out Muay Thai Munchies. It is a blog by a guy who is on a similar journey to me, on an adventure to become a Muay Thai fighter, losing weight and sharing his experiences while doing so. I have been talking with him quite a lot over this past couple of days and has some very good ideas.

This is his first blog post. Check him out across social media, Instagram and Facebook and show support to a fellow Nak Muay who is looking to improve his health and fitness along his way to becoming a Muay Thai fighter!

Fat Lad… Out!

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