Stand and Bang is BACK! Muay Boran, K1 and Muay Thai

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The Stand and bang team have been banging out some corkers ready for this weekends come-back event. Stand and Bang put out on Facebook, “We are BACK! here we are with a fully domestic card of British Talent, Stand and Bang Present to you a night of Knockout action in the prestigious HG Wells Confrence and Events Centre in Woking! so here we have it, presenting to you, (not ordered) arranged by weight- THE FIGHTS!”

As part of Fight Record Events, we have access to the the full line-up, naturally, it could change at any time and will be provided in weight order not the order of which the fights will run on the night. Running order will be confirmed the night before.

Stand and Bang line-up

**60-69KG BOUTS**
Jake Nicholls (Unit 1 Gym)
Tom Drury (Prizefighters)
62kg K1 3×3’s

Lucas Cox (Maximus Gym)
Dom Coleman (Ippon Gym)
65kg Max K1 3×3’s

Daniel shortman (Semtex Gym)
Matteo Capobianco (Backstreet Dojo)
66kg Boxing 3×3’s

**70-79KG BOUTS**
Babocsik Gergely (Storm Gym)
William Puttock (Conflict fitness)
70kg K1 3×3’s

Jamie Dennis (Fightworkx)
Ivan Shaw (Conflict Fitness)
70kg K1 3×3’s

Charlie Guest (4 corners Gym)
Liam Nolan (the Knowlesey academy)
70kg Full Thai Rules 5×3’s

Samir Bouamrane (The Knowlsey academy)
Michael Wood (Wood’s Gym Woking)
74kg K1 3×3’s

Atur Saladiak (FSC Muay Thai)
Matt Murdoch (Bullring Gym)
74kg 3×3 Muay Boran Rules

Keiran Haldane (Backstreet Dojo)
Harry Lenton (Team Gary Turner)
77kg K1 3×3’s

Zeesee Veneti (Team Veneti)
Mike Powell (Semtex Gym)
77kg Boxing 3×3’s

**80-89KG BOUTS**

Josh Archer (Fightworx)
Rafiq Miah (Doctores muay thai)
82kg N class Muay thai 3×2

Steve Riformato (rough diamonds)
Sam Wells (double K)
82kg K1 3×3’s

Kyle Rickman (Taurus Gym)
Dayvd Taylor (Shaolin Tigers)
84kg c-class 5×1.5’s


Danny Scholey (fightworx)
Slawek kobeik (Renegade Gym)
90kg K1 3×3’s

Rhys Brudenell (Prizefighters)
Pitor Piewiszko (Fightworx)
95kg Max K1 3×3

Craig Taylor (Conflict Fitness)
Jody Humphreys (Backstreet Dojo)
100kg max K1 3×3’s

“This is not a final fight card in that this list is not ordered. It is the fights we have scheduled listed according to weight. Due to the nature of fightsports, this can change. We hope to add a 17th bout (63KG K1) between now and the show to replace a last minute drop out.”

What a line-up. ranging from first timers right through to seasoned elite level professionals. Muay Thai, K1 and Muay Boran all for the crowds. You can contact any one of the fighters that are on the show or Stand and Bang direct if you would like to attend.

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(Photo and video credit: Stand and Bang Events)

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