Dublin Combat Academy

  • What’s Next For Irish KO Artist Craig Coakley?

    Over the last few years, Dublin Combat Academy fighter Craig Coakley has quickly become known as one of the very best Super-Lightweight’s in Europe. His flamboyant, unpredictable and aggressive style has captured the imagination of Muay Thai fans the world over, and his performances at YOKKAO in recent years...
  • [LIVE 🔴] Stream For Stefan Korodi’s Fight at Muay Thai Super Champ in Bangkok

    Featured fighter Stefan Korodi of Dublin Combat Academy faces Superbig Sitnayokanong at Muay Thai Super Champ in Bangkok today. Access the full Fight Record fighter database and see full fighter profiles, fight records and fight history for just £1.99 per month. Sign-up here. See below the live stream from the Muay Thai...
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