Stephan Lottering

  • Hamza Ngoto - WBC Muaythai

    The WBC Muaythai Super-Middleweight World Top 20

    The Super-Middleweight (168lbs / 76.4kg) division is one of the most diverse weight categories in the WBC Muaythai rankings. Featuring fighters from 13 different countries, it’s one of the most competitive and wide-spread divisions in the WBC. Current WBC Muaythai Super-Middleweight champion Hamza Ngoto won the title when he...
  • 20 Australian Muay Thai Stars Named in WBC Male Rankings Update For February

    With the likes of Alma Juniku, Josh Tonna and Tyler Hardcastle flying the Oz flag on the biggest martial arts promotion in the World, and others such as Jordan Godtfredsen and Stephan Lottering impressing on the big stage, there’s a real buzz around Australian Muay Thai right now! Here’s...
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