THAI FIGHT Sung Noen: Fight Card, Live Stream, How To Watch

Jordan Watson vs Saiyok - THAI FIGHT Sung Noen

On Sunday, May 8, the THAI FIGHT army head to Sung Noen district in the western part of Nakhon Ratchasima province, North-Eastern Thailand.

The nine bout card is once again headlined by Muay Thai legend, Saenchai P.K.Saenchaimuaythaigym.

He is set to face American, Timothy Kamal in a 68kg gloved contest and is seeking his 65th consecutive win.

Earlier on the card, we have the Isuzu Cup Super Fight bout between Petchtongchai TBMgym and Suksawat Sangmorakot, which will be another gloved bout.

The remaining seven fights on the night will all be Kardchuek (roped hands) bouts, including the return of Jordan Watson, who faces Saiyok Pumpanmuang in a 72kg bout.

Full fight card for THAI FIGHT Sung Noen: (via @muaythairesults)

  • (Kardchuek) Nong-O Chor.Hapayak vs Laerte Dias (69kg/70kg)
  • (Kardchuek) Saiyok Pumpanmuang vs Jordan Watson (72kg)
  • (Gloves: Isuzu Cup Super Fight) Petchtongchai TBMgym vs Suksawat Sangmorakot (65kg)
  • (Women’s Kardchuek) Vero Nika Wor.Rujirawong vs Petchbaiyok SorSor.Toh-RongrienKelaKorat (53kg)
  • (Kardchuek) Kitti SorTor.ManNakhonRayong vs Lautaro Pereyra (75kg/77kg)
  • (Kardchuek) Sudsakorn Sor.Klinmee vs Miguel Araya (75kg)
  • (Kardchuek) PTT Vor.Rujirawong vs Luiz Henrique De Souza Alves (69kg/70kg)
  • (Kardchuek) Tengnueng Sitjesairoong vs Daniel Kerr (77kg/79kg)
  • (Gloves) Saenchai PKsaenchaiMuayThaiGym vs Timothy Kamal (68kg)

How to watch THAI FIGHT Sung Noen:

THAI FIGHT Sung Noen will be streamed live and free on Thai Channel 8 and YouTube.

The program is due to start at 6pm Thai local time / 12pm BST (British Summer Time).

The UK’s Jordan Watson will face Saiyok in bout #2 on the card and is expected to make his entrance at approximately 6.30pm Thai / 12.30pm BST.

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