Thai Fighter UK Awards to be announced this week

The Thai Fighter UK rankings, ran by Reaper Gym head coach and UKMF representative, Steve Broome, is the most prestigious Muay Thai rankings system in the UK. More often, you find fighters defending their Thai Fighter UK spot than any title they may have previously won.

Each December, Thai Fighter UK offers awards for the best fighters which include; Male Fighter of the Year, Female Fighter of the Year, Gym of the Year and the Jordan Coe Trailblazer Award.

Nominations taken from UK’s leading promoters, officials and commentators are now in and last night, Thai Fighter UK co-ordinator Steve Broome announced the results had been decided and winners will be announced this week. The nominees were;

Male Fighter of the Year 2018

Jon Haggerty
WIN V Keith McLachlan (Griphouse) UK#1, TKO2, 10/03
WIN V Carlos Araya (Spain) TKO2, 26/05
LOSS V Superlek Kiatmoo9 (Thailand) TKO2, 13/10

Liam Nolan
WIN V Charlie Guest (Shin Kick) PTS, 10/03
WIN V Papou Samake (France) PTS, 05/05
WIN V Connor McCormack (Petchnoi) UK#1, PTS 06/10
WIN V Noppakao (Thailand) TKO4, 03/12

Jack Kennedy
LOSS V Singdam kiatmoo9 (Thailand) PTS, 10/03
WIN V Ussain (Iran) PTS, 13/05
WIN V Rungdech singpatong (Thailand) KO1, 08/05
WIN V Samuel Toscanini (Italy) PTS, 30/06
WIN V Amir Naseri (Iran) PTS, 27/08
LOSS V Craig Coakley (Ireland) TKO3, 13/10
WIN V Somchai Lueamlam (Thailand) TKO3, 23/11

Liam McGrandles
LOSS V Anton Petrov (Bulgaria) PTS, 13/01
LOSS V Cezary Zugaj (CFF) UK#8, TKO1 03/02
WIN V Jack Maguire (2Brothers) UK#10 @69kg, TKO3 31/03
WIN V Mikkel Lund (Denmark) PTS, 29/09
WIN V Cezary Zugaj (CFF) UK#8, 10/11
WIN V Jack Cooper (Chok Dee) UK#3 @69kg, PTS 08/12

Nathan Bendon
WIN V Chris Shaw (POS) UK#1 @61kg, PTS 05/05
LOSS V Rambo Phet Por Tor Aor (Thailand) PTS 13/10

Female Fighter of the Year 2018

Niamh Kinehan
WIN V Jo Price (Northern Spirit) UK#2, PTS 25/02
WIN V Emilka Krupczak (Poland) KO1, 30/06
WIN V Lucy Lister (MSA) UK#6, KO1 13/10

Ruth Ashdown
WIN V Eva Schultz (Denmark) PTS, 08/04
WIN V Asia Walorskia (Poland) TKO3, 26/05
WIN V Dokmaipa Kiatpompetch (Thailand) PTS, 15/08

Iman Barlow
WIN V jleana Valentino (Italy) PTS 04/03
WIN V Yolande Schmidt (Australia) PTS 14/04
WIN V Hannah Brady (Kiatphontip) UK#3, PTS 10/11

Hannah Brady
DRAW V Dakota Ditcheva (Northern Spirit) UK#1 @52.5kg, Yokkao/03
WIN V Tanya Merritt (Eagles, Cardif) UK#1 @57kg, PTS 09/06
LOSS V Iman Barlow (Assassins) UK#2, PTS 10/11

Dani Fall
WIN V Melissa Mendez (Portugal) PTS 03/02
WIN V Yolande Alonso (France) PTS 31/03
WIN V Antonia De Maria (Italy) TKO2 02/06
LOSS V Sandra Godvik (Sweden) TKO3 02/09



You can join the Thai Fighter UK Facebook group to see the announcements, starting with the Jordan Coe Trailblazer Award tomorrow.

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