The Blitz 5 – Instagram takeovers, Deachkalek award and international bouts!

The Blitz has been very active on social media for their upcoming event this weekend. Having their fighters take over their Instagram and Snapchat to share an insight into their daily lives has been a pleasant experience. Seeing what the fighters go through to get through fight camp isn’t something that the masses generally get to know about. With the Instagram takeovers, you get a small clip of exactly what it is like for them.

Craig Floan said it was a good chance for the people to get to see what the fighters are up to during fight camp. For those who are interested, it was good to see fighters up at 6 am to go for their morning run, going to work and then heading to training in the evening. Sometimes, getting up early after a night shift to get the work in before heading back off to work in the night. The sacrifices the fighters make generally goes unsung, but this was a perfect chance for them to share what they get up to.

Glasgow Thai Boxing Academy (GTBA) has been running their home show ‘The Blitz’ for the past five years. Originally named ‘The Clydebank Blitz’ because of the venue it was hosted at; the Blitz has been a platform for the fighters of GTBA to put on a show for their fellow stablemates and fight fans across Scotland. Generally being home to good quality domestic bouts, Floan had mentioned that the past few events he has been looking to push the event to bring a higher quality opponent to the fighters at GTBA.

Of the 15-fight strong card this weekend, 9 of which are GTBA fighters. Originally it was set to be another strong domestic card but with the pull out of a couple of fights and replacing it with international opponents from Spain, it has turned into a somewhat Scotland vs Spain he said. With fights ranging from N/C Class bouts right through to top level A-Class bouts, there will be something for everyone come this weekend at On-X Linwood Sports Centre.

A special mention goes to the team at GTBA, Sutai Gym (based in Thailand) and the family of Jordan Coe for the recent announcement of the development of the Deachkalek award. The Daechkalek award is awarded to the best performance of an up and coming fighter on the event and they were, up to now, awarded with a trophy to commend their ability and showmanship on the night.

The family of Jordan Coe, who sadly passed away while living and training in Thailand at Sutai Gym, have said that not only will the fighter be awarded a trophy, they will be fighting for a chance to win a two week, all expenses paid trip to Thailand to train and develop and hone their arsenal. This is a fantastic opportunity for everyone and anyone who participates in Blitz going forward and what a chance it is to be able to offer to an up and coming fighter.

This event is not to be missed. Tickets are still available with standard priced at just £25 and tables seats are £35. We wish all the fighters and teams involved the very best and look forward to hearing all about it next week!

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