Top 10 Countries In WMO Muay Thai World Rankings

Victoria Sullivan - WMO Muay Thai Australian Champion

The WMO (World Muaythai Organisations) is an Internationally renowned amateur, pro-am and professional Muay Thai sanctioning body.

Alongside the likes of WBC Muaythai and WMC Muaythai, the WMO also host their own rankings system.

The World rankings consists of seventeen weight divisions in the male category and nine in the female category.

We’ve counted and verified every ranked fighter and their respective nationality to list the Top 10 Countries in the WMO Muaythai World rankings as of today.

#1 THAILAND (300+)

It will come as no surprise that Thailand reign supreme with over 300 fighters ranked across all divisions.

They particularly dominate the lower weight categories, where almost all fighters in the Top 20 of each division are from the Motherland.

Interestingly, Thailand occupy just three from nine #1 spots in the female category, and fourteen out of seventeen in the male divisions.


Second behind Thailand is the UK, with 33 World ranked fighters across all divisions.

One of the biggest moves for the UK saw Liam Nolan take the #1 spot in the Middleweight World rankings, after his recent win over Youssef Boughanem.

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Australia come in as the third top country with a total of eighteen ranked fighters.

They are also the only country outside of Thailand to have a WMO Muay Thai World champion in Victoria Sullivan.

#4 FRANCE (17)

Seventeen French fighters occupy positions in the WMO Muay Thai World rankings. The highest ranked of all is Hamza Ngoto, who is ranked #2 in the Super-Middleweight division.

Only two of the seventeen ranked French fighters are female, with both Souris Manfredi and Cindy Silvestre taking positions in the Super-Flyweight category.

#5 USA (11)

In the male categories, the USA occupy many top positions in the higher weight divisions.

For the females, ONE Championship stars Jackie Buntan and Janet Todd also sit amongst the top ranked fighters in the World, but it is perhaps Sylvie Von Duuglas-Ittu who is the most predominant representative for the States.

Ranked as the #1 female in the Mini-Flyweight division, many consider Sylvie to be one of the top pound-for-pound female Muay Thai fighters in the World.

The Rest of the World

#6 – Tied between Japan (8), Italy (8)

#8 – Brazil (7)

#9 – Spain (6)

#10 – Tied between Cyprus (2), Sweden (2), Uzbekistan (2), Canada (2), Argentina (2)

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