Top 10 Domestic UK Muay Thai Fights In August

Rhona Walker - Female Muay Thai Fighter

With the likes of Victory Promotions and Roar Combat League amongst others already returning with some huge domestic fights recently, the month of August will also see the return of other top Muay Thai events in the UK since the pandemic struck.

YOKKAO and Muay Thai Grand Prix, as well as others, return for the first time in almost 18-months, with many more exciting bouts to look forward to in the coming weeks.

We take a look ahead at some of the top Muay Thai bouts between domestic fighters scheduled to take place in the UK during August.

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Liam Nolan vs Owen Trykowski

Making his return to domestic Muay Thai action for the first time in almost three years, ONE Championship star Liam Nolan is set to take on Aberdeen’s Owen Trykowski.

Nolan, a former UK #1, was removed from the Thai Fighter UK rankings due to no activity on UK soil for more than 12-months.

The clash against Owen Trykowski this coming Sunday will undoubtedly re-enter the Knowlesy Academy fighter back into the domestic rankings, but where will all depend on the outcome of this bout.

Owen Trykowski, also a former UK #1 at 76kg and current #2 at 72.5kg, earned a knockout win at Rajadamnern Stadium in his last bout in March 2020.

He currently rides a three fight win streak, having earned a knockout victory at MAX Muay Thai early in 2020 also, and a strong win over Jackson Barkhouse back in November 2019.

Jacob Smith vs Tam McCourt

UK #1 Jacob Smith was twice scheduled to make his ONE Championship debut, but both occasions fell through due to travel restrictions.

Bouts against Superlek Kiatmoo9 and Rodtang Jitmuangnon would have catapulted the Birkenhead-based fighter onto the global stage, however he will finally return to the ring with domestic action at YOKKAO on Sunday when he faces tough challenger Tam McCourt.

The Boxfit fighter, Tam McCourt, has some notable wins on his record and shouldn’t be discounted from this bout.

He has shared the ring with some of the best fighters in the UK and Europe, and in his last four bouts alone, he holds wins over former #1 UK Reece Thomson and current 55kg #1 Callum McGowan.

Panicos Yusuf vs Chris Shaw

Two of the best Super-Lightweight Muay Thai fighters in the World will clash in a huge fight at YOKKAO this coming weekend.

Despite suffering losses in their last bouts at ONE Championship, both fighters are back focused and ready to stake their claim in the Thai Fighter UK domestic rankings.

Panicos will be making his first appearance on the YOKKAO stage in four years. Chris Shaw however, will be making his fifth appearance at YOKKAO, having defeated elite Thai champion Rambo Phet.Por.Tor.Aor at YOKKAO 38 over two years ago.

Craig Coakley vs Paul Karpowicz

Though technically not a UK fighter, Irishman Craig Coakley has spent the majority of the last few years fighting in the UK and therefore could not be omitted from this list.

A clash against Manchester’s 2 Technical Muay Thai head coach Paul Karpowicz has all the makings of a classic encounter between two technical and flamboyant Muay Thai striking artists.

After three straight losses, Craig Coakley finally got back to winning ways with an International victory over Deniz Demirkapu in Abu Dhabi last month.

He will be making his Lion Fight debut on 22nd August when he faces “The Magician” Paul Karpowicz, whose last bout was against Superbank at YOKKAO 37 in March 2019.

Top 10 domestic UK Muay Thai fights in August 2021;

In no particular order, here is our full list for top 10 Muay Thai fights in the UK during the month of August;

  • Liam Nolan vs Owen Trykowski
  • Jacob Smith vs Tam McCourt
  • Panicos Yusuf vs Chris Shaw
  • Craig Coakley vs Paul Karpowicz
  • Rhona Walker vs Meg Corwell
  • Adam Haslam vs Anton Austin
  • Brian Jnr Totty vs Nathan Bendon
  • Josh Hill vs Jack Maguire
  • Myk Estlick vs Matty Holleran
  • Evan Jays vs Jonno Chipchase
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