Top 10 Female Muay Thai Fights To Watch This Week

Erin Kowal vs Dokmaipa - Female Muay Thai Fights

As another busy weekend approaches, we look ahead to some of the top female Muay Thai fights happening around the World this week.

With the likes of Muay Hardcore and Muay Thai Super Champ, as well as a trio of Australian Muay Thai events, there’s plenty of women’s Muay Thai to look forward to this weekend.

Dokmaipa Fairtex vs Erin Kowal

Perhaps one of the biggest female fights of the weekend will see World ranked fighter, Dokmaipa Fairtex (also known as Dokmaipa Kiatpompetch), taking on Erin Kowal.

Ranked #1 in the World by WMO Muay Thai, and #3 by WBC Muaythai, Dokmaipa is known as one of the greatest female Muay Thai fighters in Thailand.

Erin Kowal, however, is no stranger to fighting the best there is.

During her time in Thailand, she’s clocked up 16 fights since her arrival at Sutai Muay Thai back in April 2019.

Even with the COVID-19 pandemic putting a halt to fights for most of the year, she still totalled 7 fights in 2020 alone.

Despite a mixed bag of results, she’s shared the ring with some of the best in the World and has gained some valuable experience and lessons. This includes the likes of Sawsing Sor. Sopit on multiple occasions, Chommanee Sor. Taehiran and many more.

Not to be written off, the young Scottish fighter has the skills and style to earn a good result this weekend.

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Top 10 female Muay Thai fights to watch this week;

  • Dokmaipa Fairtex vs Erin Kowal (Muay Hardcore)
  • Rhona Walker vs Charlotte Grey (Roar Combat League 21)
  • Jazzy Parr vs Callie Ryan (Destiny Muay Thai 17)
  • Fahseethong Sitzoraueng vs Ruslana Vyniavska (Muay Thai Super Champ)
  • Cindy Watt vs Lucy Deadman (Destiny Muay Thai 17)
  • Uma Galli vs Anne Line Hogstad (Muay Thai For Life 1.0)
  • Allegra Vickas vs Megan Berberick (Muay Thai Grand Prix Australia)
  • Leonie Macks vs Jordan Bell (Infliction Muay Thai)
  • Erin Carter vs Jessica Geyl (Destiny Muay Thai 17)
  • Saskia Vaughan vs Tiff Lam (Muay Thai Grand Prix Australia)

This is not an exhaustive list and there are many other female Muay Thai fights happening around the World this week.

Have we missed anyone? Let us know in the comments on our social media.

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