Top 10 Muay Thai Events Happening This Week

Liam Harrison - Muay Thai Grand Prix

For the first time in more than six months, Thai Channel 8 Muay Thai events return to ours screens.

Muay Hardcore and Muay Thai Super Champ are set to make an epic return to their weekly schedule this weekend.

As well as the return of the two popular weekly Muay Thai events, we have much more to look forward to around the World this week.

Though there are many more Muay Thai events happening, we’ve managed to squeeze it down to our top 10 picks to watch.

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Our Top 10 Muay Thai events Happening This Week

  • Petchyindee Muay Thai – Thursday 7th October
  • Muaymunwansuk – Friday 8th October
  • Lion Fight 70 Los Angeles – Friday 8th October
  • Muay Thai Grand Prix – Saturday 9th October
  • Muay Hardcore – Saturday 9th October
  • Muay Thai League – Saturday 9th October
  • Local Heroes – Saturday 9th October
  • MTGP France – Sunday 10th October
  • Muay Thai Super Champ – Sunday 10th October
  • Channel 7 Stadium – Sunday 10th October

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