Top 20 WMO MuayThai Super-Lightweight World Rankings

Nico Carrillo - WBC Muaythai World Rankings

The WMO (World MuayThai Organisation) is one of the World’s leading Muay Thai organisations, sanctioning amateur, pro-am and professional Muay Thai fights Worldwide.

Since 2011, the WMO have grown to become one of the most recognised sanctioning bodies in the World, and have crowned champions at National, Continental, International and World level.

Current World title holders include the likes of Satanmuanglek (Flyweight 112lbs / 50.8kg), Manachai (Welterweight 147lbs / 66.6kg), Wanchalerm (Super-Welterweight 154lbs / 69.8kg) and Victoria Sullivan (Lightweight 135lbs / 61.2kg).

At continental level, they have crowned champions in Asia, Europe and Africa.

In this article, we will focus on one of the hottest divisions in the World right now; the Super-Lightweight (140lbs / 63.5kg) division.

Though it is one of the most competitive divisions, the WMO is yet to crown a Super-Lightweight World champion.

Interestingly, despite the 63.5kg division having numerous high-level fighters in various countries around the World, it’s clear the elite Muay Thai scene in Thailand still has a strong foothold on this division, with only three non-Thai fighters making the Top 20 rankings.

Sitting atop the rankings, is current ONE Championship World champion, Capitan Petchyindee Academy.

Since joining Nuttadaj Vachirarattanawong (Sia Boat) and the Petchyindee team, Capitan has gone on the 16-fight unbeaten streak.

This includes wins over Sangmanee and Chamuakthong in 2020. The only fight he failed to win, resulted in a draw against Nuenglanlek JItmuangnon, in their clash at Muaymunwansuk earlier this year.

24-year-old Ferrari Fairtex has also been a name climbing up the rankings in recent years. His recent win over Nuenglanlek Jitmuangnon solidified him as the #2 in the World in the WMO MuayThai World rankings.

Another fan-favorite in the rankings see Yodlekphet in at #4. Despite a string of losses to high-level opposition throughout 2019 and 2020, Yodlekphet has registered some big victories in the past 12 months, including a win over Seksan Or. Kwanmuang and most recently defeating Kulabdam to win the vacant Rajadamnern Stadium 140lbs title.

The top 15 in the rankings all feature Thai fighters, with the first non-Thai Muay Thai fighter, Nico Carrillo, ranked at #16.

His recent knockout wins over Mo Abdurahman and Jack Kennedy have catapulted the young Scotsman to World recognition. He is ranked ahead of both Mathias Gallo Cassarino at #17, and Nathan Bendon at #18.

The full list of the Top 20 WMO MuayThai Super-Lightweight World rankings can be found below.

WMO MuayThai Super-Lightweight World Rankings

  1. Capitan Petchyindee (กัปปิตัน เพชรยินดี)
  2. Ferrari Fairtex (เฟอร์รารี่ แฟร์เท็กซ์)
  3. Nuenglanlek Jitmuangnon (หนึ่งล้านเล็ก จิตรเมืองนนท์)
  4. Yodlekphet Or. Atchariya (ยอดเหล็กเพชร อ.ปิติศักดิ์)
  5. Tapaokaew Singmawynn (ตะเภาแก้ว สิงห์มาวิน)
  6. Kulabdam SorJor. Piek-U-Thai (กุหลาบดำ สจ.เปี๊ยกอุทัย)
  7. Sangmanee Sor. KafaeMuayThai (แสงมณี ส.กาแฟมวยไทย)
  8. Kongklai AnnyMuayThai (ก้องไกล เอ็นนีมวยไทย)
  9. Siwakorn Kiatcharoenchai (ศิวกร เกียรติเจริญชัย)
  10. Petchmahachon Jitmuangnon (เพชรมหาชน จิตรเมืองนนท)
  11. Chatpetch SorJor. TongPrajin (ฉัตรเพชร สจ.โต้งปราจีน)
  12. Petch-u-thong Or. Kwanmuang (เพชรอู่ทอง อ.ขวัญเมือง)
  13. Hercules Petsimuen (เฮอร์คิวลิส เพชรสี่หมื่น)
  14. Petchthongchai TBMgym (เพชรธงชัย ทีบีเอ็มยิม)
  15. Petchmanee Por. Lakboon (เพชรมณี ภ.หลักบุญ)
  16. Nico Carrillo (นิโก้ คาร์ริลโล)
  17. Mathias Gallo Cassarino (มาเทียส เซเว่นมวยไทย)
  18. Nathan Bendon (นาธา เบนดอน)
  19. Paruhatnoi TBMgym (พฤหัสน้อย ทีบีเอ็มยิม)
  20. Nontachai Jitmuangnon (นนทชัย จิตรเมืองนนท์)

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