[VIDEO] Daraeak Lands a Stunning Jumping Head Kick Knockout At Muay Hardcore

Daraeak Revolutionmuaythaigym was back in action this weekend after more than six-months since his last bout at Muay Xtreme at Phetchbuncha Stadium in January.

The two-time MX champion was back in the familiar MMA gloves when he faced Ireland’s Nauris Bartoska in the co-main event at Muay Hardcore on Saturday.

Giving away a huge height and reach advantage to his opponent, Daraeak came out early closing the distance with his trickery, attempting a flashy cartwheel kick before leaping into the air and landing a perfect jumping scissor head kick.

With his opponent unable to recover before the ten-count, Daraeak scored a huge first round knockout on his return to the ring and looked in fascinating form.

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