Vlog #001 – Fat Lad to Fighter Vlog series

fat lad to fighter vlog

This is the first instalment in the Fat Lad to Fighter vlog series. I talk about the meetings I had that day, the plans I have for Fat Lad to Fighter. Fat Lad to Fighter is quickly developing into something far more than just documenting my journey to becoming a Muay Thai fighter. It is about my transition from an unhealthy, unfit, undisciplined individual to a fit, healthy and motivated fighter.

With the help of a fantastic support network around me. They will help me along the way but at the end of the day, I will have to do what it takes. As I say in the video, I have talked the talk, now I have to walk the walk. I have the tools to help me succeed. Part of this is the Fat Lad to Fighter Vlog series. The other part(s) would have to be as listed below.


My nutrition is being looked after by a company called Spoonhead Nutrition. A Newcastle based food preparation company who provide a varied, affordable menu. That is delivered right to my door on a Sunday and a Wednesday. At the time of writing this, the menu this week was the image that you can see. It is very exciting to be able to get my nutrition looked after, not only by Spoonhead Nutrition but also, Lee Axon of T4 Training. His knowledge of the fuel that the body needs, the exercises that you need to do and wh, is just incredible. I am very much looking forward to sharing that knowledge through audio/video/text with you guys.



Lee ‘Axeman’ Axon has worked within the industry for over 30 years (longer than I have been alive!), so that perspective for me is huge and to have the opportunity to learn from him is something I feel really lucky to be able to do. He will be my strength and conditioning coach. Helping me grow muscle mass, burn fat and get fit throughout my journey of Fat Lad to Fighter.

Last but not least, it is the guys at Northern Kings. Doing some rounds on the pads and working out a plan of action for my Muay Thai training. Giving me something to work on throughout that week. I feel that Muay Thai is probably where I am most knowledgeable out of the three base areas of Fat Lad to Fighter but even there, I have a huge journey to go on with that too.

Juan and Craig, I have trained alongside them for some time now. Juan is current UK number 1. Craig has a career spanning over two decades in Muay Thai and Kickboxing. They are very well-rounded coaches and I find it easy to learn from them and understand their points they are trying to make. My Muay Thai training will intensify a little later in my journey. For now, it is concentrating on getting moving again, getting active and hitting and not being hit.


I can’t honestly say how lucky I feel to be embarking on this journey and being able to provide you with so much information through the Fat Lad to Fighter vlog series. To be sharing this with you and documenting the good, the bad and the ugly for everyone to see. This will help keep me accountable in a way that I wouldn’t ever be able to do just for myself and with fat Lad to Fighter, I get the chance to work with and get to know many people along the way.

I would strongly recommend the people who I have mentioned in the article’s services. I have researched each of them and their knowledge of their specific industry and they have come out on top. Links to their social media can be found below but before you do that, watch the video. Subscribe to the Fat Lad to Fighter YouTube channel to keep up to speed with the Fat Lad to Fighter vlog series (and much more!), give the Facebook page a like and follow my Fight Record Instagram account and give my Fat Lad to Fighter Snapchat an add too!

Contact details (social media etc)

Spoonhead Nutrition

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SpoonHeadNutrition/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/spoonheadnutrition/

T4 Training

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/T4PersonalTraining/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/t4_training/

Website: http://t4training.co.uk/

Northern Kings

Website: http://northernkings.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/northernkings/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/northern_kings_gym/

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