WBC Muaythai Expand Female Muay Thai World Rankings

WBC Muaythai - Female Muay Thai

The World Boxing Council is one of the most well-respected and established organisations in all of combat sports. Branching from the world-leading WBC Boxing organisation, the WBC Muaythai has been at the forefront of global Muay Thai activity since 2005.

In early 2020, the WBC Muaythai published the very first Female Muay Thai World rankings. Consisting of a WBC World champion and six other female fighters in each division, some of the World’s best female Muay Thai fighters were amongst those listed.

Earlier today, the WBC Muaythai published an update on the expansion of the Female Muay Thai World rankings. As female Muay Thai continues to grow, each division has become more and more competitive with female athletes from all over the World. The WBC Muaythai’s recent update is a reflection of this.

Each division now consists of up to 10 female Muay Thai fighters ranked in their respective weight categories. A total of 86 female fighters have been publicly listed across the 9 different weight divisions.

Amongst some of the names added to the rankings in the recent expansion include the likes of Smilla Sundell, Paloma Arranz, Rhona Walker, Erin Kowal and many others.

For a full list of the WBC Muaythai female World rankings, head over to the WBC Muaythai website now.

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