Who knew 5am could be so productive?

So, up until recently, pushing the time I got out of bed back was something that I naturally did. I did until it was a time that I had to get out of bed. If I could push it slightly further, then I would. This morning I saw 5am for the first time in a very long time. Me and Lee had agreed on Sunday that there would be an early morning workout on Wednesday morning to get the cardio in and he had scoped out a spot for us to go in Sunderland where it would be perfect.

I have lived in Sunderland for about 7 years now and never have I ever been to this spot for some reason. I can’t for the life of me think why I haven’t ever been here before but it’s just a place that has never been on my radar. It won’t be my last. It is a park called Barnes Park and it has a crazy number of natural places that you can use to get that cardio workout in.

Today we did, hill sprints, box jumps, press ups, stair sprints and resistance band sprints too. My legs were absolutely killing. I can still very much feel it in my legs and arms (from the push ups). I honestly must say that, I haven’t ever felt as positive as I do today though. A complete shift in my mindset has happened and I feel as though I am being super productive and that, in turn, creates momentum to want to do more and more.

Hence my writing of this blog post of which I will post of my dinner at work. It’s amazing how getting shit done early in the morning sets you up for the day. There is a video online somewhere of a Navy SEAL (I think), talking about how important it is that you make your bed in the morning. I suppose it is very like that. If you can accomplish something early on, it sets you up for a day of positive actions and mind-set.

It was incredibly tough this morning. I pushed myself hard. I don’t think I could or would do it had I not have the push there from Lee. It’s amazing how the inspiration and motivation keeps you going that extra 30/40%. How your body tricks you in to thinking that it has reached its peak performance when you have quite a lot left in the tank. I am on my second meal of the day from Spoonhead today, I am going to pick up my second lot for the back end of the week up later this evening from Northern Kings.

Please watch the video I made this morning, subscribe to the Fat Lad to Fighter YouTube channel and say hello to me. Share you experiences with early morning workouts, I would love to hear from you! I’m going to go now but yeah, keep moving towards your goal. Let me know what goals you have and how I can help you achieve them. I am thinking of setting some groups up on Facebook to directly engage with you guys, set up Q&A sessions and just generally be there for you.

So I might do that today. Another tick in the box.

Fat Lad. Out.

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