Why Now Could Be Your Perfect Opportunity To Begin Your Muay Thai Journey

“I’ll start Muay Thai training when I’m fitter and in better shape” – a phrase often used when someone who has never stepped foot in a gym is prompted by a friend or family member to join them at their Muay Thai classes.

In all honesty, there is no need to “get fit” before you begin training Muay Thai. There is a meme on social media that reads “Waiting to start martial arts until you are in better shape is like a child not going to school until they are smart enough”.

However, in the current climate, joining a gym is not an option for the foreseeable future, so if you fit under this bracket of ‘needing to get fit first’, then now could be your perfect opportunity.

We’ve covered this topic in detail numerous times in the past, generally advising that your current level of fitness is irrelevant to how welcomed you will be at your local Muay Thai gym. However, with gyms still closed and plenty more time to get out for a run, a walk or find a training routine at home; what are you waiting for?

So get your running shoes on and get on the road for the hour that you are permitted. Download a GPS running app to track your time and distance, set yourself goals, smash your records, post your results on social media for accountability and to inspire others to do the same.

Take this opportunity to start your fitness journey that you’ve been telling yourself you’ll do, so that when the gym reopens, you’re confident and ready to join your new Muay Thai family with the satisfaction that you have done what could to prepare yourself for your first steps into the gym.

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