Why Positivity Doesn’t Always Work

Social media paints a picture that being the best means you have to have an unshakeable confidence and positivity all the time.

But let’s think about a time when you performed badly….Maybe you didn’t do what you had been training to do, or you had a bad weight cut or you didn’t listen to your coach… Really think about that experience.

If I was to ask you to talk about that experience, usually you would find it easier to talk about all the things that went wrong and why it was ‘bad’. If I was then to ask you to talk about it positively, yes you might be able to do it but would you really believe what you were saying?

If we perform ‘badly’ at something that is important to us it is natural that we feel disappointed, upset, frustrated or annoyed. Bad performances and negative experiences are part of life, training and competing. If I just asked you to think and talk positively about every experience. You wouldn’t learn and grow from that experience, and you would probably start to resent me for making you think positively all the time.

It’s okay to have negative thoughts or emotions; learn to use them as a tool– Maybe you didn’t perform how you wanted, so what can you learn from that experience?  What will you do differently next time? What will you train more or less of for your next fight to do better next time?

Even athletes at the top of their game have something to work on; every training session and every fight are learning opportunities to make you a better fighter and person.


Photo by W.L Fight Photography at Rebellion Muay Thai

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