WMO Release First Ever Female Muay Thai World Rankings

Judy Humber - Female Muay Thai World Rankings

The Female Muay Thai movement continues to grow strength as WMO Muaythai release their first ever female Muay Thai World rankings.

The news follows the recent inclusion of female Muay Thai bouts at Lumpinee Stadium, which is the first time females have been allowed to compete in the World-renowned Muay Thai Stadium.

The WMO MuayThai have now became the next World recognised Muay Thai organisation to publish a female rankings system, after the inauguration of the WBC Muaythai Female World rankings in early 2020.

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As a starting point, the WMO have named their top 5 in each division and promised to extend in due course.

The full list of divisions and rankings can be found below;

Mini-Flyweight (105lbs / 47.627kg)

  1. Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu
  2. Saenajan Sor. Jor. Tongprajin
  3. Buakaw Mor. Kor. Chor. Chaiyaphum
  4. Chabakaew Por. Muengpetch
  5. Lucy Deadman

Light-Flyweight (108lbs / 48.988kg)

  1. Marie Ruumet
  2. Lommanee Wor. Santai
  3. Celest Hansen
  4. Milagros Lopez
  5. Rungnapha Por. Muengpetch
  6. Lisa Brierley

Flyweight (112lbs / 50.802kg)

  1. Petchjeeja Lukjaoporongtom
  2. Daniela Lopez
  3. Pornpan Por. Muengpetch
  4. Aida Looksaikongdin
  5. Cindy Silvestre
  6. Paloma Arranz

Super-Flyweight (115lbs / 52.163kg)

  1. Barbara Aguiar
  2. Dangkongfah
  3. Amy Pirnie
  4. Souris Manfredi
  5. Wondergirl Fairtex

Bantamweight (118lbs / 53.524kg)

  1. Stamp Fairtex
  2. Janet Todd
  3. Jackie Buntan
  4. Anne Line Hogstad
  5. Alma Juniku

Super-Bantamweight (122lbs / 55.338kg)

  1. Iman Barlow
  2. Sveva Melillo
  3. Supergirl Jaroonsak
  4. Judy Humber
  5. Nongbew Tor. Thepsutin

Featherweight (126lbs / 57.153kg)

  1. Smilla Sundell
  2. Sawsing Sor. Sopit
  3. Ruslana Vyniavska
  4. Miriam Sabot
  5. Kwangkaew Por. Muengpetch

Super-Featherweight (130lbs / 58.967kg)

  1. Lara Fernandez
  2. Grace Spicer
  3. Dokmaipha Kiatpompetch
  4. Chommanee Sor. Teahiran
  5. Claire Rankine
  6. Fahseethong Sitzoraeung

Lightweight (135lbs / 61.235kg)

  1. Victoria Sullivan
  2. Niamh Kinehan
  3. Lucy Payne
  4. Sarah Worsfold
  5. Katie Rand
  6. Brooke Cooper
  7. Leonie Macks

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