Womens Muay Thai at Rajadamnern Stadium

Women to compete at Rajadamnern Stadium for the first time in history

On Saturday, July 9, a ceremony was held at Rajadamnern Stadium to discuss a new era of modern Muay Thai. GSV, who recently announced a new World Series tournament, have also revealed a monumental movement in the sport.

For the first time in Rajadamnern Stadium’s 77-year history, women will compete at the famed Muay Thai stadium in Bangkok. The news comes less than 12-months since the very first female Muay Thai fight was held at Lumpinee Stadium.

Up until 2021, women were forbidden from competing at the two renowned Muay Thai stadiums in Bangkok. This story from 8 Limbs US explains why females were banned from even touching the stage. However, with the rise of female Muay Thai in Thailand and around the World, Thailand’s major promoters have formed a new era and opportunity for women.

Reports state that eight women will compete in the newly-formed Rajadamnern Stadium World Series. This follows news last week about the new tournament which follows a football “World Cup” style format. The first of which is confirmed to begin on July 22.

The eight females who will compete the in the Rajadamnern Stadium tournament are;

  • Milagros Lopez (Argentina)
  • Zahra Shokoui (Iran)
  • Aida Looksaikongdin (Thailand)
  • Somrasamee ManopGym (Thailand)
  • Zehra Dogan (Turkey)
  • Desiree Rovira (Spain)
  • Petchwarin Fairtex (Thailand)
  • TheStar Sit-Chor (Thailand)

Rajadamnern Stadium World Series

The Rajadamnern Stadium World Series will follow a football style format. Starting out with two groups of four fighters, each of which will face each other once. Fighters will be awarded points based on the results of their bouts, which more points being awarded for earlier knockouts.

After each fighter has fought one another, the two highest points scorers in each group will advance to the semi-final knock out stages. Finally, the two semi-final winners will compete in the final to become the first-ever Rajadamnern Stadium World Series champion and earn a reported ฿1,000,000 (Thai Baht).

Women to compete at Rajadamnern Stadium for the first time in history
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