Yokkao 31 Preview

Yokkao 31 preview

The UK’s biggest Thai boxing show takes this weekend at the Macron Stadium in Bolton. Fighting is a compilation of some of the UK’s best fighting talent, from the recognised names to the rising stars. All topped off with Jonathon Haggerty facing Superlek Kiatm009, a fight eagerly anticipated since Haggerty’s previous loss on Yokkao to Ja Kiatphontip back in 2017.


Adam Haslam vs Luke Hill

Haslam fights out of GFC Muay Thai in Bury, close to where Yokkao 31 is due to take place. The young fighter has been doing well, recently fighting on his gyms promotion in July. On that occasion he finished his opponent in the 3rd round with a series of hard elbow. The local fighter will be looking to please the home crowd on Saturday.

Facing Haslam will be Luke Hill, another strong boxer fighting out of Lumpinee Crawley. Hill was 7-0 before his bout at Yokkao 29 losing via decision to Myk Estlick in what was an excellent bout. Despite the loss Hill showed his skill. Most notably his excellent kicking defence, even when being pressed back he successfully blocked the majority of Estlick’s kicks, no mean feat.


Owen Trykowski vs Josh Turbill

Trykowski trains out of the Aberdeen combat centre and has been a regular on the UK Muay Thai scene for a number of years. Trykowski has proven his ability to go 5 rounds with his bout against Adi Woods back in 2016 keeping a high work rate throughout the duration of the fight. He is also no stranger to finishing his opponents, beating Matthew Crozier with a number of brutal elbows. The cuts Crozier sustained meant the bout was waved off giving Trykowski a TKO victory.

Josh Turbill recently had his comeback fight in July after taking a couple years off after his loss to Reece McAllister. This seems to be a big drive for his upcoming bout:

“The last time I fought on Yokkao was when I fought Reece so I feel like I have a point to prove.”

Despite the break Turbill settled into his comeback fight well, fighting his way into the clinch and delivering hard knees. Turbill’s opponent toughed it out until the 3rd round but was unable to make the count after a particularly devastating knee to the midriff. Turbill certainly seems focused on his upcoming fight:

“The fire still burns deep inside to compete, so my mind set stays focussed on training hard, eating well and putting on a great performance on Saturday.”

So we can expect him to turn up come Saturday night. And he will need to Trykowski is not an opponent that anyone should take lightly.

Myk Estlick vs Niall McGreevy

Estlick (as mentioned before) has already dealt Luke Hill his first professional loss. Somewhat of a Yokkao veteran, Estlick has fought no less than 8 times for the show. Winning 7 and losing just once. Estlick certainly savours his appearances on the promotion:

“For me, it’s the equivalent of walking into a changing room on champion’s league final day”

No doubt the excitement can only add to his performance.

His opponent, Niall McGrevey is particularly for the weight class, often towering above his opponents. You can see this when he took on Michael O’Donovan at The Takeover. For the duration of the bout McGrevey effecting used his reach with the long guard, preventing O’Donovan from pressing close enough forward to land effectively. In addition to his strong 1-2 combinations, McGrevey was able to use his height advantage to land hard knees to the midsection slowing his opponent as he walked in. As his opponent keeled over he used a barrage of elbows before the bout was called off.


Superlek Kiatm009 vs Jonathon Haggerty

Haggerty has dominated the domestic Thai boxing circuit for a while. However his first professional loss was on Yokkao 28 was to a Thai. On that occasion Ja Kiatphontip was able to use his experience to wear down Haggerty, preventing him from performing as well in the later rounds.

No doubt Haggerty will be eager to rectify this with a strong performance this weekend. There is already an article exploring this bout in greater detail.

This will no doubt be an excellent fight with Haggerty putting his all into each of his performances and is an excellent cap off to a stunning card.

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