YOKKAO 41 & 42 Official Weigh-In Results

Tomorrow night, YOKKAO lands in Dublin for YOKKAO 41 & 42 headlined by the highly-anticipated WBC Muaythai Diamond title bout between homeboy Craig Coakley and Thai legend Singdam YOKKAOSaenchaigym.

All fighters for both cards weighed in earlier today. See below the official weigh-in results.


WBC Super-Lighweight Diamond Title
Singdam (63.3kg) vs Craig Coakley (63.25kg)

Daryl Flood (68.8kg) vs Garrett Smylie (68.9kg) 

Stephen ONeil (67.5kg) vs Momo Kale (66.7kg) 

George Hardy (64.4kg) vs Dylan ODonovan (64kg)

Dommie Kelly (62.4kg) vs Niall McGreevy (64.8kg)


Liam Harrison (65kg) vs Cristian Faustino (63.3kg)

Spencer YOKKAOSaenchaiGym (63.5kg) vs Isty Stefan Korodi (63.4kg)

Dylan Meagher (77kg) vs Dan Bonner (79.4kg)

Tom Keogh (62.7kg) vs Ben Carke (63.3kg)

Aaron Browne (66.5kg) vs Jack Maguire (67.4kg)

Michael O’Donovan (63.4kg) vs Kevin Kavanagh (63.2kg)

The event will be streamed LIVE on the YOKKAO Facebook page at 5pm BST.

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