Barbara Aguiar

  • Female Muay Thai Fights - Muay Thai Super Champ

    Top 3 Female Muay Thai Fights This Weekend

    Muay Thai Super Champ host two top female Muay Thai fights this coming Sunday. THAI FIGHT also returns with an epic line-up featuring a top female bout, too. In addition to those, the new weekly all-female Muay Thai event in Korat also takes place this Sunday. Here’s out top...
  • Female Muay Thai Fights - Muay Thai Super Champ

    2 Female Muay Thai Fights At Super Champ This Weekend

    This Sunday, Muay Thai Super Champ returns to the Bazaar Theatre in Bangkok, Thailand. The weekly event, which streams on Channel 8, is set for it’s second live event of 2021. Muay Thai Super Champ and sister show Muay Hardcore have been known for hosting some top female Muay...
  • Muay Hardcore Weigh-in - Sawsing vs KC Carlos

    Muay Hardcore Weigh-In Results

    All 14 fighters weighed in this morning ahead of the 7 bout card at Muay Hardcore in Bangkok tomorrow. It’s a huge weekend for female Muay Thai with three huge bouts featured on the card. In the main event, Sawsing Sor.Sopit weighed in at 54.8kg and KC Carlos came...
  • Female Muay Thai - Muay Hardcore / Super Champ

    3 Huge Female Muay Thai Fights At Muay Hardcore

    After a two week hiatus due to THAI FIGHT last weekend and unforeseen circumstances this week, Muay Hardcore will return next Saturday 12th December. Featured on the card are three huge female Muay Thai bouts. All three being worthy of main event slots on the weekly Thai Channel 8...
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    Bárbara Aguiar Training For Fight Against Petchjeeja at Thai Fight: Begins

    Phuket Fight Club star Bárbara Aguiar has been on a good streak recently, beating some notable Thai names on the weekly shows at Muay Hardcore, and now gets a huge opportunity when she faces Petchjeeja at Thai Fight this coming Saturday. Watch her training for the fight against Petchjeeja...
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