Female Muay Thai

  • All 16 Female Muay Thai Fights This Week

    The growth of female Muay Thai continues at a rapid pace, both inside Thailand and other parts of the World. With the introduction of all-female Muay Thai event ‘Lady Fighter’, the ladies are gaining more and more publicity in Thailand. Recently, Lumpinee Stadium was also reported to be considering...
  • Female Muay Thai Fights - Muay Thai Super Champ

    Top 3 Female Muay Thai Fights This Weekend

    Muay Thai Super Champ host two top female Muay Thai fights this coming Sunday. THAI FIGHT also returns with an epic line-up featuring a top female bout, too. In addition to those, the new weekly all-female Muay Thai event in Korat also takes place this Sunday. Here’s out top...
  • Female Muay Thai Fights - Muay Thai Super Champ

    2 Female Muay Thai Fights At Super Champ This Weekend

    This Sunday, Muay Thai Super Champ returns to the Bazaar Theatre in Bangkok, Thailand. The weekly event, which streams on Channel 8, is set for it’s second live event of 2021. Muay Thai Super Champ and sister show Muay Hardcore have been known for hosting some top female Muay...
  • Alma Juniku - Female Muay Thai

    5 Australian Female Muay Thai Fighters In WBC World Rankings

    The latest rankings update from the WBC Muaythai saw the expansion of the female Muay Thai World rankings. Previously only 6 fighters named in each division, the augmentation sees each division now holding up to 10 female Muay Thai fighters. The update sees Australia enter the top 5 countries...
  • Chommanee Sor Taehiran - Female Muay Thai Fighter

    Top 4 Countries In WBC Muaythai Female World Rankings

    In the early part of 2020, the WBC Muaythai published their inaugural female Muay Thai World rankings. Up to 6 female Muay Thai fighters are ranked in each of the 9 weight divisions. The rankings feature many of the World’s best female Muay Thai fighters, but which countries have...
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